Born and raised in Southern Ontario, I started with a love for photography back in the 70’s as a late teen using a Minolta Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera. Reading a good many books on the subject, I self taught myself how to use ISO, Shutter Speeds, Aperature etc and the effects I could get using them. Those were the days of film and no such thing as “Photoshop” and because it was film, one had to be cognisant of composition, lighting etc., you couldn’t just snap, review, delete and take another. These are techniques that I still use to this day....

Fast forward to the advent of the Digital SLR and Social Media that opened up a whole new world of photography. Like many others, I adopted this new technology. I then found that I would love hopping in the Jeep and taking road trips, or even just quick walks close by to enjoy #BeautifulBC and would ALWAYS have the camera at ready.

Many of my friends enjoyed my “Facebook Photos” and several mentioned on more than one occasion I should start a business.... So here I am! I upgraded my DSLR equipment to professional grade equipment and away I went! I LOVE to take photos and I hope you enjoy viewing them!

I have done family photo sessions, corporate events, and photos for hotels and resorts and love catching just the right light, views and scenes in the beautiful outdoors.

If you would like to discuss something unique, arrange a photo shoot, or just have questions, please reach out on the contact page and we can arrange a phone, in person, or a Zoom consultation.

Paul Hockridge
Alluring Images
Paul Hockridge